Wisdom Tooth Extractions Laguna Hills

Minimizing Dental Risk by Extracting Unnecessary Teeth

The third molars or wisdom teeth as they are known are located toward the back of the mouth and were once essential for the nutritional well-being of early humans. Because their diets consisted of raw and dense foods, these teeth helped to chew through and break down these foods. However, as times changed and diets improved, our jawbones also became narrower, resulting in these teeth no longer serving an essential purpose. This is why our team at Löberg Dental Center offers wisdom tooth extractions, and you’re encouraged to call us to schedule an appointment if you or your teenager needs help to say goodbye to these unnecessary teeth.

Why Choose Löberg Dental Center for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Sedation Dentistry Available
  • In-House Payment Plans with 0% Interest
  • Concierge-Level Service From Our Dental Team

The Wisdom Tooth Process

Our team will begin by evaluating the status of your wisdom teeth. They are likely to have fully erupted, partially erupted, or be impacted beneath the gumline. In most situations, partially erupted and impacted wisdom teeth are those that are extracted.

If teeth are somewhat visible above the gumline, we can administer local anesthesia before using a dental elevator to lift the tooth from the socket. Dental forceps are then used to move the tooth back and forth until it separates from the ligaments below.

If teeth are impacted below the gumline, they will need to be removed surgically. This requires a more involved procedure that involves making small incisions in the gums to expose the underlying teeth. Separating each tooth into sections, we can gently remove them in pieces so that only a minimal amount of the bone is affected.