Advanced Dental Technology Laguna Hills

Dentistry that Always Moves Forward

All types of technology are constantly improving, and the rate they are evolving is speeding up as well. Thankfully, this can also be seen in the dental world, especially at Löberg Dental Center. We’ve consistently invested in our instruments to always be on the cutting edge of dentistry, meaning you can look forward to receiving care that is always becoming more comfortable, more precise, and more efficient.

Digital Impressions

Rather than having a patient bite into a mold filled with putty to capture an impression of their teeth, we can now scan their mouth to create a digital model in a matter of minutes. This process is not only faster and less messy than the old way, but it also produces more accurate results! These impressions play a large part in allowing us to design, mill, and place 100% custom crowns in one appointment.

Soft Tissue Laser

For patients dealing with gum disease, our laser enables us to remove stuck-on plaque and bacteria from below the gum line without touching the nearby healthy tissue. This makes treatment more exact and less invasive. Because the laser produces no heat, sound, or vibration, the patient basically feels nothing while in the chair, and post-treatment swelling and bleeding are reduced to practically zero as well.

Cone Beam Scanner

Our cone beam scanner allows us to create a digital 3D map of your dental anatomy, showing us all of your teeth, your jaws, and the supporting structures in relation to one another. This gives us much more information compared to a regular X-ray. We can use it to monitor more subtle, long-term changes to your dental health over time, and it’s also an essential step when planning more complicated procedures like dental implant placement.

Intraoral Camera

With an intraoral camera, you can finally see your teeth from your dentist’s perspective. Barely larger than a pen and tipped with a powerful camera, we can take high-resolution images of your teeth and gums and go over them with you on a chairside monitor. This makes it much easier to understand why you might need a certain procedure, and we can even show you how much better your teeth look following treatment.