About Our Dental Office Laguna Hills

Dental Excellence You Can Feel

Imagine going to the dentist and not having to worry about starting late, being told you need to visit another office, or having to explain yourself again and again because you never see the same doctor or team twice. While that might be the experience at other offices, we do the exact opposite here at Löberg Dental Center. Since 2006, we’ve cultivated a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is built on respect for our patients, stellar customer service, and superb clinical care. That’s why we have so many patients who refuse to go anywhere else!

Same-Day Dental Treatment When You Need it Most

Your time is precious, which is why we won’t make you wait to get the care you need. We can repair broken and decayed teeth in one appointment using beautiful, custom-made porcelain crowns milled in our CEREC machine, and we also see emergency patients the same day they call in. This is top-notch dentistry on your schedule.

Passionate Team & Top-Tier Customer Service

Every single member of our team is a patient advocate. That means we will only recommend what is truly right for you based on your needs, wants, and goals. We consider each patient to be a part of our dental family, and as such, your satisfaction and health will always come first. Delivering a consistently pleasant experience is at the core of our practice, and we know you’ll feel this starting at your first appointment. 

A Genuinely Relaxed Patient Experience

Many people feel nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist, and while our friendly team and excellent service are enough to help some feel calm, other patients need a little more attention. That’s why we offer multiple types of sedation to ensure that absolutely everyone stays comfortable while in the chair. In addition to helping appointments fly by, sedation also allows our team to work more efficiently and complete more procedures in fewer appointments.