Tooth Extractions Laguna Hills

Pursuing Better Oral Health By Removing Damaged Teeth

Some situations can arise that require the removal of one or more teeth if someone’s oral health is to remain in optimal shape. When recommending this type of treatment, individuals can be certain that their safety and comfort will remain our top priorities.

Why Choose Löberg Dental Center for Tooth Extractions?

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When are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Tooth extractions are not go-to solutions when damage or decay occurs. Instead, it must be a serious situation for our team to recommend this method of treatment. Should you learn that it is in your best interest for us to remove one of your teeth, it is likely because:

  • You have severe decay living in one of your teeth, and it is putting nearby ones at risk.
  • You have suffered significant facial trauma that has damaged one or more of your teeth so severely that they cannot be saved.
  • You need orthodontics to create space for your smile, but one or more crowded teeth must be extracted to ensure there is enough room inside your mouth.